Automated recoveries

Recovery tools

Collect on your payment defaults with a recovery system tailored to you

Increase your recovery rate by implementing a modular and customizable plan. Offer the debtor different payment options through multiple channels

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Benefits of debt recovery with Wannme

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Intelligence and automation

A single API for creating the recovery flows you need and with multiple payment methods
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Constant optimisation

Update your routes and strategies according to what you’ve learned
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Certify your communications and keep track of each transaction

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Analyse all the information

From your control panel or through the API

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Set up your files, portfolios and accesses for each user or agent for each case

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Professional technology

If you’re a collections professional, benefit from Wannme and use automated split payments including your commissions to manage third-party funds

Secure your recoveries in three steps

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Upload your recovery files manually, by file or via the API and view them all in one place easily

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Create your recovery strategy and customise your channels (customer portal, email and SMS templates)

Tailor the payment methods and terms to your customers’ needs

Transform your business, reduce your default rate as much as possible

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Companies such as Alquiler Seguro are already enjoying the benefits of working with Wannme

When recurring payments are the cornerstone of your business, the default rate can be a decisive factor. Find out how to reduce it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Wannme offers specific solutions to manage debt collection. We provide you with multiple options and facilities that will help you reduce your default rate. Here are the highlights:

  • Creation of debt files specifically designed to enter all the necessary information of a recovery (debtor and creditor data, total debt, outstanding debt, maximum deduction, etc.).
  • Enter all unpaid invoices so the debtor will be able to choose which ones they want to pay at any time.
  • Customer portal from which the debtor can view information on their debt at any time, and even define a payment plan that suits their circumstances and with which they can ensure full payment of the debt.
  • Possibility to attach documents and even require their digital signature to centralise the debt collection process from start to finish.
  • Setting up a chain of debt collection procedures through which, thanks to our automation engine, you can schedule payment retries in the event of a payment failure or the automatic sending of notifications to the customer, among others.

Wannme helps you and greatly facilitates the management of defaults through the configuration of an automatic chain of debt collection procedures. We have an automation engine that lets you define both the payment retries in case of payment failures and the automatic sending of notifications to the customer.

With our automatic flows, you can create events so that custom alerts are generated via email and/or SMS to your customers to remind them to make the payment.

Yes, with Wannme, you can set up chains of debt collection procedures to automate actions such as sending communications (via email and/or SMS) or automatic payment retries to maximise the conversion of your pending recoveries.