SEPA direct debits

SEPA Direct Debit

Offer an amazing option for recurring payments. Use direct debit

Collect directly from a customer’s account and set up an instalment schedule. Ideal for subscriptions or payment plans

Advantages of SEPA Direct Debit

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Customer loyalty

SEPA Debit is a payment method with no expiration date. It’s a great way to maintain long-lasting relationships with customers

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Secure and international

The information is private and encrypted, with the same conditions for all countries within the SEPA region

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Automatic, one-click setup for digital, paperless charge authorisation

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Automatic management of failed payments

Create a flow with notifications and retries and decrease your default rate

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There’s no limit to the amounts, so it’s the perfect solution for all situations

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100% digital process

The customer specifies the account where they want the payment to be taken from and digitally signs the mandate authorising the debit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The SEPA document, also known as a SEPA mandate or direct debit order, is an agreement between a debtor and a creditor. In other words, it’s the means by which a customer authorises the issuance of a payment, allowing their financial institution to collect the money directly from their bank account. Once this document has been signed, it’s mandatory for the creditor to keep it while it remains in force.

SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area. It’s an initiative that lets citizens, companies and other financial stakeholders make and receive payments in euros, under the same conditions, and with the same rights and obligations, regardless of their location within the countries comprising this zone

Managing recurring payments through a SEPA mandate can be a very convenient option for many companies. Some reasons why it might be beneficial are:
  • Automation: Implementing a SEPA mandate makes it easier to automate the collection of regular payments, such as monthly instalments. This represents significant savings in terms of time and effort, as there’s no need to obtain authorisations for every transaction.
  • Security: The use of the SEPA mandate ensures reliable, secure transactions. Banks and financial institutions abide by rigorous regulations to safeguard users’ financial data.
  • Accuracy: Collecting payments using a SEPA mandate reduces the possibility of human errors in the management of periodic collections. The information is kept consistent and processing is done automatically.
  • Versatility: It’s possible to schedule regular payments with different frequencies (monthly, quarterly, annual) that suit the demands of the business, or even schedule them without a certain frequency through our Payment Plan system. It’s also easy to change or override payments if required.
  • Customer satisfaction: Proposing recurring payments through a SEPA mandate can enhance the consumer experience. Customers appreciate the ease and consistency of automatic payments.
In short, if your business requires regular payments or subscriptions, consider using the SEPA mandate to simplify and streamline your checkout processes.

You can cancel a SEPA mandate from your customer at any time through a button provided for this purpose in your Wannme admin dashboard.

You can check the status of SEPA mandates at any time from your Wannme admin dashboard. If an error occurs in any of the payments, we’ll provide you with the tools to retry payment or request it using a different payment method.