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Instantly deposit the money from your sales. Improve your cash cycles by getting immediate liquidity

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Offer your sellers instant payments at no cost to you. Earn more by helping them sell more

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Wannme provides financing for accounts receivable. In other words, we advance the balance withheld by your sales platform on your completed transactions. This ensures that your cash flow is not affected by the lengthy settlement processes of marketplaces.

No, definitely not. Instead of conventional loans, we advance funds associated with your completed sales, thus providing an agile financial solution tailored to your business needs. This means it doesn’t count for the Spanish Central Credit Register (CIRBE), so it has no impact on any bank loans in the future.

Our service is designed to financially support marketplace sellers with significant growth potential. To ensure that our service is right for your business, it’s important for it to meet the following criteria:

  • Your company must be registered as a legal entity, either as limited liability company or a public limited company.
  • Your merchant account must satisfactorily comply with the policies on the state of your account balance.
  • Your business must be registered in the European Economic Area (EEA). In exceptional cases, we may also consider companies registered in other countries.

Unfortunately, our service is intended only for companies legally registered in the Companies House, limited liability companies or other similar kinds of companies.

We need to make sure that all the businesses we work with are duly registered. Therefore, in order to conduct our due diligence process during the contracting process, we’ll ask you to provide us with the following:

  • Complete information, including name, date of birth and address, of all partners with a 25% stake or above in the company.
  • Personal details, including name, date of birth and address, of the directors.
  • A legal document certifying the incorporation of the company, such as the articles of incorporation, bylaws or certificate of registration in the Companies House.
  • A recent bank statement, dated within the last three months, showing a complete statement cycle.
  • Identity documents and proof of address for verification of all partners with a 25% stake or above.
  • Your company’s tax identification number (NIF).

We apply a fee of up to 0.1% on 80% of net sales advanced on a daily basis.

No, so this means quicker access to funds, fewer eligibility restrictions for financial services and greater flexibility in terms and conditions for sales advances.

Yes, you’ll receive immediate transfers every day of the year as long as you comply with the marketplace’s performance metrics.