Dynamic routing

Automatic flows

Numerous possibilities, a single objective: Charge using a single API

Set up all the combinations you want and automate all your collection processes

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Benefits of automatic flows with Wannme

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Build your collections and recovery strategies. Create your collection routes tailored to each customer and each situation
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Adaptability and flexibility

Define frequency, conditions and actions to leave everything scheduled with our events

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Secure your collections

Retries, notifications, reminders, chains of command, campaigns, etc. – all with no development required, with just a few clicks and in record time

A single programmable payment platform for every need and situation with your customers

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Companies such as Reparadora are already enjoying the benefits of working with Wannme

When a transaction gives rise to different scenarios for both the seller and the buyer, the option to manage everything using a single API offers amazing advantages that you simply can’t miss out on. Find out how you can optimise your processes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Wannme has an automation engine called Events. Through Wannme Events, you can define and set up a series of actions such as automatic retries or sending communications, among others, to maximise the conversion of your payment requests.

At Wannme, we’re the ones who handle setup, so we only need you to transfer the definition of the flow you want to follow (conditions to work on and actions to be executed). Once it’s all set up, you can track all of your events through a series of reports provided by us.

Yes, at Wannme, you can set up what we call an Advance Notice to send your customers a notification x days before you’re going to make a recurring charge. This way, you ensure that your customers are always aware of their upcoming payments so they can have their account ready to be charged.

Yes, thanks to our Events system, you can launch a chain of debt collection procedures with automated actions that will help you manage your recovery files. Once you transfer the flow of your chains of debt collection procedures to us, we’ll take care of setting it up and launching it. Once the chain of debt collection procedures is working, we’ll provide you with reports so you can see how these chains are working to track recoveries.

This event system, along with the custom settings we create for your Wannme account, costs extra. You can see how much it costs in our Pricing section or you can contact us.