Marketplace ecosystem

Instant payments for your sellers at no cost

Secure your stock and meet your users' demands

Sell, charge, repeat

Attract more sellers

Make everyone want to be a part of your platform by offering immediate payments

Help them sell more

Your sellers will grow faster as they have immediate liquidity to reinvest and meet demand

Grow your platform

Grow at the pace of your sellers’ sales. If they grow, you grow. It's as simple as that

No additional fees or subscriptions

Integrating Wannme into your platform won’t cost you anything. Any questions?

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How it works
in 60 seconds

Play Video

How it works
in 60 seconds

How to offer your vendors liquidity

Paso número 1

Add Wannme to your marketplace to allow vendors to join.

Paso número 2

Every day, we advance 80% of your net sales.

Net sales = gross sales – marketplace commissions

Release payments as usual, with no changes to your current processes, and vendors will receive the remaining 20%

And that's not all…

How would it feel to get paid for your sales immediately?Change the rules of the game

When recurring payments are the cornerstone of your cash flow, customisable, reliable and secure automation becomes a crucial part of your structure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you need help or have questions, you can contact our support team at any time at