Absolute traceability of each transaction. Always

Reconcile your transactions with your income statement in real time with no fuss and programme actions to deal with errors or business strategies instantly

Beneficios conciliación de cobros

Benefits of reconciliation with Wannme

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Financial optimisation

Automatically track the origin of collections. No cross-checking of data

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Constant monitoring

Get automatic notifications to monitor your company’s performance with real-time insight

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Increase revenues

Improve decision-making by right-sizing your teams

All your financial information up to date with just one click

Gráfico pagos y cobros


Companies such as Petplan are already enjoying the benefits of working with Wannme

When recurring payments are the cornerstone of your cash flow, customisable, reliable and secure automation becomes a crucial part of your structure

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Automatic reconciliation is a process that automatically compares and verifies transactions recorded in our systems with bank transactions, ensuring that all accounting entries for your business match bank records.

Wannme uses a number of processes to review and compare your company’s financial transactions with bank records. This allows discrepancies to be identified and resolved quickly and efficiently.

Automatic reconciliation saves time by reducing the need for manual processes, minimising human error, improving the accuracy of financial records, and providing real-time visibility on the status of transactions​.

If discrepancies are found during the reconciliation process, Wannme will provide you with the specific details so that we can investigate and resolve the issue. Our platform also offers tools to automate the resolution of some common discrepancies.