Flexible Payments for Customers

Make it easy for your customers to pay in instalments

Improve your cash flow by getting the entire amount at once while your customer pays for it little by little. Do it online, for all amounts, both large and small

Advantages of financing

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Sell more

Boost your sales, increase average order value and keep customers coming back more often

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Build loyalty

Attract customers who buy more and more often

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Without changing your operations

Offer it as just another payment method that’s automatic and easy for you and your customer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Wannme offers several options for instant financing through third-party agreements. These solutions let your company offer customers a range of flexible payment methods to improve accessibility and make payments easier​.

With Wannme, financing is simple and automated. Customers can select the financing option at checkout and complete an online application. In just a few seconds, our financing provider assesses the application and, once approved, manages payments directly with the customer.

The requirements may vary depending on the type of financing and the specific agreement with the credit provider. Basic information such as identification, credit history, and financial details are generally required to assess customer eligibility.

Once your customer’s request for financing has been approved, you’ll receive the total purchase amount minus the respective commission from the financing provider in question.

Each instant financing provider has its own conditions that we’ll review in the service contracting process.