A payment success story: Bravo promotes direct debit with Wannme and gets 70% of its new customers to opt for it

Reduction of the default rate thanks to Wannme.

Bravo – the company that helps individuals access loans to settle debts at a discount and which has already helped more than 400,000 people across the globe – needed to improve the automation of its payment management process, and make it more agile and effective. That’s when Bravo teamed up with Wannme and started using payment automation solutions.


A higher payoff rate and greater simplicity thanks to automation.

In 2021, Bravo faced significant obstacles in managing its customers’ payments. The process was laborious and required constant monitoring by the consultants. The urgent need for an automated, convenient and efficient payment flow became a priority for the company.

It was then that Bravo engaged Wannme’s solutions, and thanks to a smooth transition, each area of the company began to autonomously and quickly manage transactions with customers. All of them were orchestrated by the simplicity of the Wannme platform, which greatly facilitated the payment process.


Success in numbers: 70% of new customers have paid by direct debit.

Since adopting Wannme, Bravo has experienced significant growth in its operations. In fact, in the last month, 70% of new customers chose to pay via direct debit through Wannme. However, in February 2023, this figure was only around 12%, so the subsequent increase by 57% was really significant. The figure speaks for itself and reflects the positive impact it has had on the company.

In addition, one of the highlights of Bravo’s success with Wannme is the impressive increase in debt settlement by customers who opt for this payment flow. This achievement highlights the effectiveness and real impact the solution has had on the company’s finances.


Fruitful collaboration: teamwork that drives success.

Sandra Sabaté, Country Manager, explains how ‘the experience of working with the Wannme team has been exceptional for Bravo. Their speed and willingness to solve problems have greatly strengthened our relationship. They provided us with bespoke solutions tailored to our needs, so we’ll definitely recommend Wannme’s services to other companies looking for effective payment management solutions’.


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