Bizum international payments

Tips on Bizum International Payments for your e-commerce

Take advantage of Bizum International Payments to optimize your transactions abroad.

In the digital age, globalization has transformed the way we conduct financial transactions. What if you could offer Bizum to customers abroad? What happens if you receive a Bizum from another region? This comprehensive guide on Bizum International Payments will answer your questions and show you how to make the most of this payment service. Get ready to optimize your international transactions with Bizum!


First aspect of Bizum International Payments: the bank account.

Bizum has expanded its reach, now allowing the use with Andorran accounts (IBAN starting with AD).

You only have to simply verify that your bank is compatible with Bizum by consulting the list of banks that are already using this service.

Second Aspect of Bizum International Payments: The phone number.

Understand how your phone number is linked to your Bizum account, regardless of the country of origin of the number.

Learn how to seamlessly associate your foreign phone number with a Spanish or Andorran IBAN to use Bizum.

Expert advice on Bizum International Payments.

Your customers can take advantage of international roaming rates when within the Eurozone to keep their Spanish lines active and use Bizum at no additional cost.


Using Bizum abroad:

If you already have a sufficiently relevant base of Spanish customers, it can benefit you to have this type of payment method internationally as it allows them to make remote payments from abroad.


By integrating these strategies, you will not only enhance the experience of your international transactions but also position your platform to stand out among those seeking to make purchases with efficient payment solutions. From Bizum’s geographical expansion to the adaptability of phone numbers, these tactics are designed to elevate your international transactions and make the most of Bizum International Payments.

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