Digital Transformation at Gesvalt: Payment Automation and Enhanced Customer Experience with Wannme

Digital Transformation

In this article, you will read more about digital transformation and how Gesvalt, a renowned company in the property valuation and consultancy sector specializing in appraisal and consultancy services for both individuals and businesses, managed to improve its online payment processes thanks to Wannme.

Starting Point

Before implementing Wannme’s services, Gesvalt faced significant challenges in payment management, especially in its individual customer channel. With appraisal operations involving manual payments via bank transfer, the process was slow and cumbersome, generating many small transactions (between 300-500 euros) that required manual handling. Despite having an online payment gateway, Gesvalt sought a comprehensive solution that would automate and simplify all payments, thus optimizing the customer experience across all channels.

Implementation Process

The implementation of Wannme’s services at Gesvalt was a smooth and well-structured process, according to Gesvalt’s officials. Starting with a testing environment, the team was able to familiarize themselves with the platform and explore all its functionalities. A gradual implementation plan was established, which included integration with the company’s various sales channels as well as connection with other key systems, such as the new CRM. This integration would allow for full automation from the appraisal request to the final payment, improving operational efficiency with a single click.

Impact of Wannme on the Business

Since implementing Wannme, Gesvalt has made significant strides in payment management. Currently, 100% of professional online operations and 80% of individual customer operations are managed through the platform. With the full integration of its new CRM, Gesvalt expects to raise this percentage to 95%, as well as expand the solution to the corporate channel, projecting a 50% increase in payment operations through the new platform this year.

Felipe Pavía, Corporate Sales Director at Gesvalt, highlights the benefits obtained: “The Wannme platform has transformed our payment operations, providing us with an integrated solution that has significantly optimized the customer experience. We are very satisfied with the agility and efficiency demonstrated by their team throughout the process.”

The Gesvalt team has also positively valued the collaboration with Wannme: “From the beginning of the project, we have experienced the agility and proactivity of the Wannme team. Doubts and incidents were addressed very quickly, allowing for a smooth and successful transition. We feel supported and hope to expand the implementation of this tool to other areas of the company in the future.”

Experience with Wannme

Additionally, Gesvalt emphasizes Wannme’s ability to quickly resolve incidents and adapt to new payment methods: “We have witnessed the speed with which incidents were resolved and the flexibility of the platform to incorporate new payment options, even those we initially did not consider. Although we do not use physical payment, we were very surprised by the possibility of incorporating this method.”

Gesvalt’s case with Wannme underscores how technological innovation can profoundly transform business processes, improve customer experience, and strengthen market competitiveness. Based on this success, Felipe Pavía assures: “We would recommend Wannme’s services to other companies looking to modernize their payment processes. The platform facilitates the transition from traditional payment methods to advanced online solutions, significantly improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.”


We are proud to learn from companies like Gesvalt how our collaboration has resulted in substantial improvements in daily operations and overall customer experience, positioning them at the forefront of digitizing their services within their sector. With Wannme, Gesvalt has now achieved two key points for their company:

  • Automation and improvement in payment reconciliation with the virtual POS they previously had.
  • Increasing the volume of operations that were automatically paid via POS.

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