PSD2 bank transfers

Bank transfers

Receive transfers easily with PSD2 payment initiation

Your customers won’t need any information; they can authorise the transaction using their bank credentials only

Advantages of bank transfers

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Improved security

With PSD2 payments, you can offer your customers a more secure payment method, thanks to the enhanced authentication and additional security measures required by the regulation

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Ease of use

We provide the data and your customers only have to access their bank to authorise payment

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Traceability and control

Link payment source information to reconcile all transfers with real-time confirmation

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Unlimited amount

Your customers will be able to pay you regardless of the transaction amounts

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No borders

More than 2,000 banks and institutions across 18 countries in Europe

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Immediate transfers

There’s no need to wait using this payment method and receive your money immediately

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Wannme is the perfect choice as we always ensure that all the payment methods we offer guarantee a secure online payment environment.

Here’s how payment by link works:

  • Creating the payment link: The merchant generates a payment link via Wannme. This link has associated payment details such as amount, payment description, merchant details, or available payment methods.
  • Sending the link to the customer: The merchant sends this link to the customer via different methods, such as email, SMS, social media or even WhatsApp. With Wannme, you can automatically share it via email and SMS The customer receives the link and they can click on it to access the payment process.
  • Secure payments: After clicking on the link, the customer is redirected to a secure page where they select the payment method and complete the respective checkout process.
  • Confirmation & processing: Once the customer fills in the payment details, the transaction is verified.
    If everything is in order, the payment is processed and the customer gets automatic confirmation.

Benefits of payment by link:

  • Simplicity: There’s no need for an e-commerce website or platform. The link provided by Wannme is enough to receive payments.
  • Security: Payment details are entered on a secure page, and encryption standards protect the information.
  • Flexibility: It can be used in different communication channels and adapted to the customer’s preferences.

In short, payment by link simplifies transactions and makes them convenient for both the merchant and the customer. It’s an excellent option for selling products or services without the need for a specific website.

Yes, you can offer payment by link in your business through Wannme. For each payment request you create on our platform, a payment link is generated for your customer. You can share this link through all the channels you need.

Yes, each payment request you create with Wannme generates and shares a payment link with the customer.

At Wannme, we have the necessary security measures in place to comply with data security standards and to prevent fraud. This is how we offer a secure environment for your customers to complete their payment through our payment by link system.

With Wannme, you can customise the checkout page with your corporate colours and logo. This way, when your customer accesses the payment link, it’ll feel like they’re still in your business environment.