AXIS CORPORATE teams up with WANNME to innovate in the collections management model

In the image, Casimiro Gracia, the executive chairman of Axis Corporate, and Jaime de Villa, the CEO of WANNME.

The matter of payment is one of the crucial points when opening a business, whether its online or a brick-and-mortar one. This is why it’s so important to choose the right platform and integration.

WANNME has reached an agreement with the consulting firm Axis Corporate to transform its customers’ collections, recovery and financing management model. The proposal includes bespoke end-to-end solutions that include preparation and deployment as well as automated monitoring of the collection or recovery.

Jaime de Villa, the CEO of WANNME, affirmed that the agreement reinforces the company’s strategy of alliances in the Spanish market, ‘joining forces with an international consulting firm that’s renowned for transforming companies’ business models and is committed to innovation and digital transformation services’.

For Axis, the alliance focuses on providing support to organisations that need innovative digital transformation in their collections and recoveries area, where communication with the end consumer is improved, communication channels are optimised, collections are streamlined and nonpayments are reduced without losing customers through a non-intrusive digital application in the core systems of customers.

The CEO of Axis Corporate, Casimiro Gracia, emphasised that the alliance would bring a new overall view in the areas of collections management for both financial institutions and the insurance or other sectors.

‘At present, the new digital environment calls for agile and flexible tools that know how to adapt to both the current and future situations of uncertainty in collections management and its adaptation to changes in customer habits and the relationship with them, without losing sight of risk control and business profitability’, he said.