Success story: Split payments in the Marketplace KUIKO

Solving the splitting of payments among merchants in marketplaces.

KUIKO is a platform that centralises the management and comprehensive maintenance of facilities. In the bustling world of renovations and repairs, every transaction tells a great story and in order to make them a reality, KUIKO needed to find an online payment solution that operated seamlessly and provided the trusted service that both customers and professionals sought. This is how its journey with Wannme began.

When KUIKO was born, payment management was a nightmare. A solution that would not only simplify the payment process, but also seamlessly integrate with its renovation and repair services platform and release charges for each professional – after automatically deducting their commissions – was needed. KUIKO decided to engage Wannme’s split payments services for platforms and marketplaces and after a relatively simple API development to connect its operations with the platform, the rest of the process was surprisingly simple.

‘The payment gateway plays a critical role as a customer’s payment has to be separated and split percentage-wise into several amounts.’

The impact of this collaboration was felt even more as the company grew. While at first transactions were modest due to KUIKO’s recent entry into the market, the situation soon changed quite dramatically. The integration of Wannme as a payment gateway paved the way for fast and smooth growth and transaction management became more efficient, freeing up time and resources.

‘Before, we had to continuously monitor our transactions. And now with Wannme, we barely have to deal with any incident.’


Great teamwork.

In terms of the experience of working with the Wannme team, KUIKO highlights ease and collaboration. ‘The Wannme team was always keen to look for solutions and improvements to suit KUIKO’s unique needs.’ For this and other reasons, KUIKO wholeheartedly recommends Wannme’s split payments services for marketplaces and platforms to other companies.

In conclusion, the collaboration between KUIKO and Wannme has been a great experience, marked by synergies and a mutual commitment to excellence. Now, KUIKO is writing a new chapter in the world of renovations and repairs – one in which the simplicity and efficiency of payments are the undisputed stars of the show.

Wannme can offer you the support you need to implement payment automations, including splitting them between among merchants, professionals and suppliers. Fancy a chat? Contact us.

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