A Success Story: Automation of Collections by Acuerdo by Ejaso with Wannme

Improving Efficiency in Debt Collection

Before contracting Wannme’s services, Acuerdo by Ejaso faced the challenge of improving its efficiency in debt collection. They were looking for a solution capable of simplifying and streamlining the collection process, allowing them to reach a large number of parties more quickly and effectively while reducing their efforts. It was then that they decided to explore Wannme’s possibilities thoroughly, and after a comprehensive analysis of their needs, Wannme prepared a robust and automated strategy.

A Seamless Implementation

The implementation of Wannme’s solutions was carried out clearly and well-defined, thanks to the functionalities offered through the API. One of the key points these integrations focus on is precisely adjusting the financial software to the company’s processes, including both the generation of payment requests and the receipt of payments made.

Positive Impact on Collection Operations

Since Acuerdo by Ejaso started using Wannme’s services, they have experienced a notable increase in efficiency in collection operations, increasing collections via virtual POS by up to 4 times. This improvement is due to the automation of communications and transactions and the ability to reach a larger number of debtors.

Tangible Results and Significant Improvements

One of the most significant improvements Acuerdo by Ejaso has experienced thanks to Wannme’s services is the ability to quickly access a large volume of parties from the start of management in young debt portfolios. This capability has allowed them to manage these portfolios efficiently without needing to make phone contact, with a notably higher success rate.

Exceptional Experience Working with the Wannme Team

María Navasqüés, Head of Amicable Management at Acuerdo by Ejaso, comments: “Our experience working with the Wannme team has been very positive. They have always been available and proposed suitable solutions for our needs. We have been positively surprised by the reliability of the service and the closeness and support at all times.”

“We would recommend Wannme’s services to other companies looking for an efficient solution for debt collection. We greatly value their involvement in all phases of the project and the reliability of the service. Additionally, we perceive constant evolution in the platform, which gives us confidence in its ability to adapt to our changing needs.”


In summary, “collaborating with Wannme has been fundamental in improving efficiency in the debt collection process. The platform has simplified and streamlined operations, allowing us to reach a greater number of debtors effectively. We have also seen how it has evolved over time to offer a better user experience and new payment methods.”

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